• Quebec City, QC & Edmonton, AB


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    Quebec City, QC & Edmonton, AB
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    Interior Design

KPMG sought a design strategy centred around people and their work, to improve both the employee and the client experience. KPMG employees of all generations appreciate the new, flexible work environment that allows them to work when, how and where they choose. Three types of individual workspaces and many diverse, high-tech and fully equipped meeting spaces provide a variety of activity settings for individual focus work and collaboration. The dynamic space promotes employee engagement, efficiency and productivity.

In its Edmonton location, an interconnecting stairway links the work groups’ various neighbourhoods. Materials are presented in a natural way, communicating a warm and friendly atmosphere. A large café doubles as a working space and gives soul to the space, while a fireplace at its heart brings everyone together. Crisp lines and metal accents present a modern, professional image. Focusing on sustainability throughout the project helped to build a platform for obtaining LEED-Gold certification for Commercial Interiors (CI), at the same time fostering a positive employee culture and driving innovative solutions. The outcome is a healthy, purposeful workplace that reflects the values of KPMG.

KPMG wanted to strengthen its image in the Quebec market and attract/retain new talent by adding new workspaces and improving the quality of its existing workspaces. By adopting new development standards that increased the number of workstations and open office areas (70% open-concept and 30% closed offices) and creating shared workspaces with a 3 to 1 ratio, KPMG saw a 15% savings on its leasing costs while growing its work environment. Sustainable development principles were followed in the development of the space, which has complete access to natural light and outdoor views with its mobile walls, use of regional products and energy-efficient lighting systems and equipment.

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